Two sisters start a search.

Dear All,

Kim here: It looked innocuous enough, but its contents would prove to be overwhelming. Who knew that it was there, just waiting to be found?  What are the chances of us getting this? Maybe it was fate that delivered this ordinary looking brown storage box into our hands, or maybe it was just digging.  Regardless, it set my sister and I on an amazing journey that touched us differently but rocked us to the core.

Keri here: Finding Henry is our platform for reaching out to share the riches left behind about a man who helped bring us onto the planet but then didn’t find his life worth living. The puzzle is a shattered picture faced by all whose family member commits suicide – why? Who was this man and what brought him to this place in life that only death would stop the pain? We take it back to the roots. We are the end of our family tree. I would like to leave a picture of the deep roots of the tree for others to see and share and perhaps it will help someone somewhere.

Sincerely, Kim Mahling Clark and Keri Pickett

The box was in storage for over 40 years.

The box was in storage for over 40 years.


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