Interior view.

Dear Friends,

Keri here: We are slowly figuring out how to structure this site. There are a lot of pieces in this story and we are sorting out the pieces. The Pickett house in Durham is at the center of the story. Like a wheel with spokes, this house is the hub. The Renoir print in the beautiful antique frame hanging above the fireplace, now hangs in my bedroom, so I am reminded of this house yet – still – always.

It bears saying again; Henry and Birdie built this house. The fireplace had fake logs but I bet it worked. Each object in the house was purchased by Birdie. Birdie loved beauty. But she was never obsessed about a clean house. She used to say “If I had to pick up after myself, I wouldn’t get anything else done.”

But thinking back on it she kept her house tidy and together, her kitchen was the only room that revealed the depth and scope of her activities.

I feel the same about the housework!

Your untidy, Keri

Henry and Birdie Pickett's living room on Glendale Ave in Durham, NC.

Henry and Birdie Pickett’s living room on Glendale Ave in Durham, NC.


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