1940-1951 Postcards

19400717_HPickett_postcard_A_001_PICKETT 19400717_HPickett_postcard_B_002_PICKETT1940


Since Granddaddy worked for the railway Henry was able to hop on a train and travel. So our first post card from Henry was written when he was six years old:

Beautiful Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida,

July 17, 1940 Postcard from HWPJr to Mrs Everett Witherspoon

Having a nice time in the water

Henry Ward Pickett


Having a nice time in the water becomes a theme… who doesn’t love to swim in the ocean? A precious gift later becomes a legal right, a record played over and over in all the different chapters of his life.



1944_08_17_postcard10_B_002 1944_08_17_postcard10_A_001

Washington Monument and Hotel Richmond, Richmond, Va.

to Mrs. H.W. Pickett, 1304 glendale, Durham, N.C.

Dear Mama, From our window we can see the capital and Hotel Richmond.

with love, Henry

1944_08_17_postcard_B_002 1944_08_17_postcard_A_001

Henry is traveling with his father or a friend here in 1944. He addresses his mother formally for the address but Dear Mama in the letter. His handwriting is very neat and he is off to Richmond, VA, seeing museums and staying in nice hotels. Not bad for a ten year old from Durham, N.C.



S.S. Pocahontas, Automoble and passenger transport between Cape Charles and (Little Creek) Norfolk, Virginia

to Master Henry Pickett Jr., 1304 Glendale Ave, Durham, NC

Greeting from Virginia Beach! We are having a wonderful vacation. Leaving Friday for Washington for a few days and going through the “Skyland Drive” Joan and Sue are here and I am having a big time. There is a place called the “casino” it is a sort of fair. Joan, Sue and I went there last night. I have a good sun tan, I am as black as a “Negro”. Wish you were here!

Your friend, Johnny

ps. Having a good time!

1945_07_05_postcard8_A_001 1945_07_05_postcard8_B_002



1946 Radio City Music Hall, New York City

to Mrs. H.W. Pickett, 1304 Glendale Ave., Durham, N.C.

Dear Mama, Thurs.

Plan to visit Radio City tomorrow, See Ice Show tonight. Broadcast following. We are staying at Hotel Chesterfield.

Henry & Henry Jr.


19460809_033CARD_PICKETTA_ 19460809_CARD_PICKETTB_



First Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina

Mrs. Henry Pickett, 1304 Glendale Ave., Durham, N.C.

Dear Mama, Wed Night

The weather here is really unpredictable. It rains one moment and shines the next. Make daddy be sure to meet me. He will call up and find out the time. I am going to a dance Friday night.


1947_07_10_postcard7_A_001 1947_07_10_postcard11_B_002

Iredell County Court House, Statesville, North Carolina

to Mr. H.W. Pickett, 1304 Glendale, Ave. Durham, N.C.

Wed. night

Having a swell time here. We go swimming everyday rain or shine. I am leaving Statesville at 3:12 pm Sunday afternoon and Southern No. 22 straight through to Durham. No changes! So long, Henry

Meet me!!

1947_07_10_postcard11_A_001 1947_07_10_postcard7_B_002



Camp Durant, Had a swell time here will be home soon.

Dear Mama, am having a fine time. Miss your good cooking. My address ix Box 2946 Camp Durant, Raleigh, N.C. Write soon. Tell Daddy hello. Henry

1948_07_13_postcard4_A_001 1948_07_13_postcard4_B_002

Dear Mama, Arrived here this afternoon and tomorrow we are having a minor hurricane. How is that for luck? Had breakfast on train ($3.00) Love Henry

1948_09_18_postcard5_A_001 1948_09_18_postcard5_B_002

Dear Henry, I’m keeping an eye open for a good place for you to bring your girl some week-end. Your Uncle, Thurman




Miami Beach, FL August 24, 1949

Dear Mama, Having a big time. Ate at Howard Johnson’s place. Got some sea food, ice cream. Pretty good. See you Sunday Morning. Henry Jr.

1949_08_24_postcard_A_001 1949_08_24_postcard_B_002






July 27, 1951

Dear Henry, I suppose this roof tip is cooler than the one you are probaby on. I’m looking for Birdie and will let you know if I find her. Thurman

The name Jimmy is written on the card… Jimmy was one of Henry’s best friends. The way the name is etched repeatedly give an indication of Henry’s devotion to Jimmy… a very telling doodle.

1951_07_30_postcard_A_001 1951_07_30_postcard_B_002

Not sure who Anna is, perhaps Henry Sr.’s sister, but the message in the note is all about the trip!




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