1954 Postcards

Postcards. There is the tradition to mark your path in life by the places traveled. Not as many people had cameras back in the day so professionally produced postcards were commonly sent and they reflect the beauty of the time. The American landscape seems so tiny and so toy-like in it’s simplicity. Short and sweet. Postcards of yesterday are like a tweet today!

Birdie collected postcards along the way and we have a big box filled with old postcards with no message on the verso. Keeping in touch with his family is a life-long activity for Henry. The post-cards and letters put the words into the context of the time.



Dear Folks, Arrived tonight as scheduled. Sure did enjoy the food. Was great. We are at Sam’s apartment no. He has a two room place about 5 miles from town. Had a lick of a time finding it, but am here now. Love – your son Henry

1954_03_18_postcard_A_001 1954_03_18_postcard_B_002

1954_09_02_postcard9_A_001 1954_09_02_postcard9_B_002 19540216_HPickett_postcard_A_001_PICKETT_Pickett19540407_HPickett_postcard_B_002_PICKETT19540407_HPickett_postcard_A_001.tif19540216_HPickett_postcard_B_002_PICKETT19540216_HPickett_postcard_A_001_PICKETT_Pickett19540202_HPickett_postcard_B_002.tif19540202_HPickett_postcard_A_001_PICKETT19540201_HPickett_postcard_B_002.tif



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